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Nicolas Daner - CFNM STR 8 HELL - CFNM
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Nicolas Daner is such a hottie and he looks so good gagged and shackled in this CFNM scene. He struggles, writhing, as he tries to release himself. Cock and balls are out of his underwear as he keeps moving around. His sexy female tormentor comes in and begins to whiip Nicolas' hot body. Each time she lashes his Nicolas' whole body jerks. She whips and slaps all over Nicolas' hot body, playing with his nipples too. She drips oil all over Nicolas' sexy body and onto his cock too. Taking hold of the dick she wanks it as he continues to slap him. She keeps wanking that cock and slapping it too as it grows in her hands. Then Nicolas is moved, underwear removed, to expose his ass and the tight hole. The girl spanks that sexy ass as his balls rest on his feet and the tight hole is visible. The girl spits on that hot hole and then rubs a finger all over it. She soon has a fat dildo deep in that ass, and fucks it hard. That toy really stretches Nicolas' hole and goes in so deep. It is pulled out and rubbed over the ass lips and then shoved deep inside again, with the girl spitting on the hole to keep it lubed. After lots of fucking that hole stays open a while when the toy is pulled out. That hole gapes so well, almost begging for the toy to go back in, which is just what happens. Nicolas is turned over, onto his back, still shackled, showing off his used hole as his cock is wank. That dick is rock hard as it is wanked, but his ass still has more to come. A dildo on a pole pushes into the ass, opening it up well. That hole is stretched wide and fucked deep. Then is dick is wanked hard again, for cum before the gag is released from Nicolas' mouth.
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