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Roman Madlec - CFNM
Roman Madlec - CFNMSTR 8 HELL - CFNM
Roman Madlec is a very sexy guy, but he is feeling rather poorly, suffering from a severe headcold. He has called for a nurse to come and check him. The nurse arrives and begins to check Roman, having him removes his top, so she can listen to his chest with the stethoscope. Chatting as he works, the nurse then takes Roman's temperature. It seems ok, but she wants to double check, and uses some smooth words to get Roman out of his underwear, so she can insert the thermometer into his cock. Then she decides that his ass is the ideal place to check. With Roman on his knees his ass is ideally positioned so the nurse inserts the thermometer there. She checks the temperature as that hairy ass is on view. Then she has Roman lay down and show her where he feels some pain. With that she then begins to feel his groin, using both hands. Roman says it does hurt and the nurse decides she needs to check the ass. So Roman scoots round, lifting his legs in the air so that his ass in on view. The nurse inserts a gloved finger into his tight hole. She seems to feel something inside the ass, but Roman denies putting anything inside. The nurse inserts a second finger into the tight hole and can definitely feel something. She tells Roman to 'push' and his asshole begins to open. It releases a small vibrator. Roman claims that his girlfriend probably left it inside him. He admits that he likes the feeling when it goes in, so the nurse starts fucking the toy back in and out of his hole. Then she fingers that hot ass again, and wanks on Roman's rapidly stiffening cock. That cock is big and thick and very hard indeed. The nurse can't resist it and leans over to suck on it as two fingers work in and out of Roman's ass. Then Roman stands and the nurse really gets to work on his massive cock. He mouth sucks on the head and slides it down her throat. Roman turns around and the nurse plays with his sexy ass, telling him how good it looks. Clearly she has ideas for it and Roman is certainly up for some play. On his knees, and bent over his ass is presented to the nurse, who fucks it deep with a big strapon. Then she sits down and has Roman slide his ass onto that shining metal cock. Holding his ass in place he feels her toy working in and out of his hot hole. Then he lays down on the sofa again, with the nurse fingering some more and sucking his big cock. Roman grabs his dick and wanks it, with the nurse begging him to cum. His cock releases its hot, sticky juice and the nurse quickly closes her mouth over the cock again tasting that creamy cum and sucking the cock dry.

Jirka Syty - CFNM
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Luky Svit - CFNM
Luky Svit - CFNM
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