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Tomas Strasak - CFNM
Tomas Strasak - CFNMSTR 8 HELL - CFNM
Tomas Strasak attends the clinic for an inspection by the nurses. He is dressed in his ice-hockey uniform, carrying his stick with him. The nurses begin their inspection by stripping Tomas of his clothes. They bend him over to inspect his ass, in his jockstrap, pulling the cheeks open to look at his hole. Then, jockstrap removed, he has to do some squats, before climbing onto the table. The nurses have Tomas do some push-ups, with one girl standing over him, with one of her feet pushing down on his back. Tomas is then told to kneel on the table for the nurses to inspect him. One girl walks to the front and takes his cock in her hand and then begins to suck it. Tomas' dick quickly gets hard as he is sucked. The other nurse pulls on his nipples at the same time. Then he has his temperature taken, the thermometer going into his piss slit, before his cock is sucked some more. His balls are slapped and the nurse bites on his cock a little before Tomas is made to lie down and lift his legs up, for an anal inspection. The scope is pushed into his tight ass by one girl as the other wanks on his cock. His hole is inspected closely and then one girl takes Tomas' hockey stick and pushes the handle into his ass, in place of the scope. Still his cock is hard, being wanked, as the stick fucks in and out of his ass. The nurses then dress themselves with strap-ons. They then fuck Tomas' ass with their rubber cocks, working his hole just as they like. When they have enjoyed themselves enough the girls have Tomas lay on the table and wank him to a nice big cumshot, scooping some up and feeding it into his mouth, to end a very enjoyable scene.
Mirek and Kaja - CFNM
Mirek and Kaja - CFNM
Ladislav and Tomas - CFNM
Tomas and Ladislav - CFNM
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