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CFNM TV - Mixed Hostel CFNM TV - Mixed Hostel - With his sensitive arse still stinging from the girl's fingers, and his buttocks tingling from the repeated paddling, Leonard is regretting ever having entered the Windermere Hostel. Things have got totally out of hand and he finds himself trapped and totally at the mercy of the stern landlady, her trusted handywoman and the two manipulative girls.
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CFNM 4 Girls - Rugby Boy's Lesson in Pain
CFNM 4 Girls - Embarrassing Boys - Boys are notorious for their ignorance about their own bodies. Fortunately the new TV series "Embarrassing Boys" and their female physicians are on hand to undress sporty young lads and, in full view of the cameras, examine their privates so everyone can enjoy their embarrassment and learn a little about their dicks, balls and arses at the same time.
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