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CFNM TV Bordersquad Yosef -Virginia is naturally suspicious of the cagey Russian and wants to be completely sure that he isn't trying to smuggle something through. But even with Daniela's assistance in examining his anus she's having difficulty. Fortunately they have plenty of time to feel around deep inside him. And if Yosef thinks the invasive probing of his backside is bad he's in for a very nasty shock as the women have even more humiliating tests to perform.
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CFNM Auditions - Female Auditions - In order to find confident and controlling women for our films we have to audition so invite a group of girls to play with a fine looking young male model. If you thought they'd be nervous think again. The girls quickly take control and it is our naked boy who is trembling from the relentless cock teasing they do to the poor lad.
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