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CFNM - Jock Trainer
The athletes of Fairfield College are quickly learning that stern Ms Lindstrom is not to be crossed.
All exercises are to be performed completely naked, with the giggling cheerleaders watching their every move!
Brazilian star footballer Garai is due to sign to a new club for millions. His agent Karen insists on attending the statutory physical to make sure nothing hinders the deal. Garai must be on his best behavior as he has no choice but to strip and be intimately examined in front of her by the female doctor!
Justice at last!
It was only a matter of time before the law caught up with the women of cfnm. Stripping men naked and then humiliating them is a serious offence. Sadly for the red-faced male 'victim' his day in court begins with a deeply embarrassing and totally naked physical inspection by the female court doctor...and rapidly gets worse.
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