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CFNM Training! Women Take Control Fresh, Thrilling, New CFNM
This is CFNM raised to the next level. In CFNM Training women take total control. A group of confident women confront a cocky masculine man and make him grovel at their feet, worship their shoes and expose himself totally for their perverse desires. The stricken man must receive a dildo up his arse and masturbate frantically while the excited dominant ladies tower over him laughing. These girls don’t take no for an answer!
Siobhan is eager to show she has got what it takes to succeed in the cutthroat world of business. Given free reign by her boss Karen, she is subjecting Jack to the most humiliating ordeal imaginable. And she's enjoying every moment too - it's a perfect chance to get revenge on her fierce rival. As for Jack - he has no say in the matter and must accept whatever punishment comes his way.
St. Dunstan's: Lockeroom Bullies
St. Dunstan's: Lockeroom Bullies - Poor David Frome is being bullied and seeks refuge in the deserted locker room. Things seem to be improving for the young lad when some girls pass by and offer him sympathy. But the shy lad is about to experience the most embarrassing ordeal of his life as they insist on checking him over - starting off by stripping him completely naked.
St Dunstan's Infirmary - Bad Boy's Punishment
William has been caught with an open bottle of contraband on him. He tries to argue his way out but the disbelieving nurse orders a urine test. However, to ensure he doesn't try any tricks, the test must be performed completely naked. Right in front of two schoolgirls who are only too eager to "assist" if it means they get to maul his firm young body.
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