Adventures in CFNM - Clothed Female - Nude Male CFNM: Academy Strict Discipline CFNM: Border Squad
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CFNM - Jock Trainer
The athletes of Fairfield College are quickly learning that stern Ms Lindstrom is not to be crossed.
All exercises are to be performed completely naked, with the giggling cheerleaders watching their every move!
The women have skillfully manipulated Jack and now have him exactly where they want him. He's a beaten man and completely at their mercy. But the arrival of the pizza delivery boy has given them another man to play with and a chance to humiliate Jack even more. They strip both men and compare them side by side!
Embarrassing Boys - Rugby Boy's Lesson In Pain
School rugby captain is so full of himself he naturally assumes he will be asked to appear because of his lean muscular body. Trouble is he has never seen the show before and tonight's show is all about pain. Watch as the lad is stripped nude and spanked red raw on LIVE TV.
St. Dunstan's: Mr.Turner and  His Son Barry
St. Dunstan's: Mr.Turner and His Son Barry - Mr. Turner brings his bad boy son Barry into the school's parents' evening. The arrogant lad flicks his nose at authority so his teachers and his father show him who is in charge - stripping him down and disciplining him. The proud boy is deeply embarrassed as his body is examined and he's told off for his tattoos and uncontrollable sex drive.
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