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CFNM Training! Women Take Control Fresh, Thrilling, New CFNM
This is CFNM raised to the next level. In CFNM Training women take total control. A group of confident women confront a cocky masculine man and make him grovel at their feet, worship their shoes and expose himself totally for their perverse desires. The stricken man must receive a dildo up his arse and masturbate frantically while the excited dominant ladies tower over him laughing. These girls don’t take no for an answer!
Jack's head is spinning due to the small pill Karen managed to slip into his beer - otherwise he'd have broken free and be out of here by now. But he has difficulty thinking straight and the strength has gone from his body. He hasn't yet worked out that all this is revenge for his underhand behaviour. If he knew he would realise that there is far worse to come.
Trojan Motors - Peter
With the motor industry in turmoil Peter loses the company he built up to two female business sharks. He may at least be kept on as a mere employee, but only if he can he can meet their exacting standards. The 2 high powered women hold all the aces and have every right to strip the macho stud naked for a full examination and even take away his anal virginity with big hard strap-ons if they like. Such is the reality of power in the modern age.
St Dunstan's Annual Physical
St Dunstan's Annual Physical - It's a busy day at St Dunstan's: A new teacher has started, job interviews are to be conducted and it's the boys' annual physical. With so much going on it's not surprising mistakes have been made. As young Martin Simpson finds to his cost when he ends up stripped naked in front of the entire Biology class. Meanwhile interviewee Paul has been cornered by the school nurse.
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