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CFNM Training! Women Take Control Fresh, Thrilling, New CFNM
This is CFNM raised to the next level. In CFNM Training women take total control. A group of confident women confront a cocky masculine man and make him grovel at their feet, worship their shoes and expose himself totally for their perverse desires. The stricken man must receive a dildo up his arse and masturbate frantically while the excited dominant ladies tower over him laughing. These girls don’t take no for an answer!
Robert has gone from being an arrogant, loud-mouthed lad to a sobbing wreck in less than an hour! In the past he's always managed to wriggle out of punishment by using his father's name. But Ms Gloria has found his weakness and for the first time in his life he's being chastised for his bad behaviour. And he's not enjoying it one bit as he's made to be stark naked.
Jim's Birthday Surprise
It's Jim's birthday and while he should be out celebrating with his mates down the pub, instead he's stuck at his desk in his open plan office. As the minutes tick by his sexual frustration is building. But being alone in an empty office can have its advantages. With no one else around to see what he's up to Jim thinks he deserves a little sexy fun when he's sure he's on his own...
St. Dunstan's: Mr.Turner and  His Son Barry
St. Dunstan's: Mr.Turner and His Son Barry - Mr. Turner brings his bad boy son Barry into the school's parents' evening. The arrogant lad flicks his nose at authority so his teachers and his father show him who is in charge - stripping him down and disciplining him. The proud boy is deeply embarrassed as his body is examined and he's told off for his tattoos and uncontrollable sex drive.
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