Adventures in CFNM - Clothed Female - Nude Male Female Doctor and Nurse CFNM: Academy Strict Discipline
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CFNM - Jock Trainer
The athletes of Fairfield College are quickly learning that stern Ms Lindstrom is not to be crossed.
All exercises are to be performed completely naked, with the giggling cheerleaders watching their every move!
Trapped naked in the locker room Sam is so terrified of Chloe and Lisa that he's letting them do whatever they want to him, even though it makes him feel dirty and used. The two girls are well aware of the power they have over him and relish the fun they are having. They seize him and get excited stroking the hot boy's cock until provoking him to get a huge erection and can't stop himself from ejaculating.
Dean's CFNM Audition
He's never been stripped naked in front of fully clothed women before. His obvious anxiety and vulnerability is as beautiful to see as his stunningly fit rugby player's arse. Shot just before he joins the military.
Motor Maintenance
A load of sexist mechanics have their clothes confiscated by the new lady boss and are then systematically abused in front of all the young female customers.
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