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Men's bathing must be supervised!
The rich and pampered men of Barkwith Mansion have ruled the estate for centuries - until women forcibly take control of the household. First rule:men must serve naked!
In Locker room Bullies, naive young Sam is out of his depth. He doesn't understand what's going on and Chloe and Lisa are taking full advantage of him. He's so scared of getting into trouble with one of the teachers that he daren't cross them. But as things get ever more uncomfortable for the sporty lad he starts to worry just how far these two plan on going.
Field Trip
The boys of St. Dunstan's boys' school have a trying time on a field trip with the girls from St. Catherine's girls' school. The journey begins with one poor lad being jumped on and stripped by the girls on the back seat of the bus and rapidly worsens as one by one the girls find ways of fixing it so the boys, and a male teacher, wind up naked and humiliated!
Strip Poker Party
Billy gets more that he bargains for when he loses badly in a game of strip poker against 4 conniving women.
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