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Schoolgirls rules. New CFNM!
Schoolgirls take the opportunity of an overnight stay at St Dunstans to explore the male body and test out new things they learned from their handsome biology teacher. Naked young men are brought to their knees by demanding girls in their school uniforms.
Alexander Doombar is fresh out of college and has managed to secure an interview at the immigration office. Although the position is only an unpaid internship it would greatly increase his chances of getting a proper job one day. He's very shy and nervous - the world of work is a new and scary place. His new boss takes advantage of this and decides to have fun with the new boy getting him to strip down to perv at his naked body.
The Office Thief (Stripped and Searched)
The Office Thief (Stripped and Searched) - Things are going missing at Shaftem Marketing and the girls already have their prime suspect: Paul - the new boy with a chequered past. There's only one way he can prove his innocence, submit to a full strip-search so they can check he has nothing hidden in his clothes... or his anal cavity.
St Dunstan's Infirmary - Bad Boy's Punishment
William has been caught with an open bottle of contraband on him. He tries to argue his way out but the disbelieving nurse orders a urine test. However, to ensure he doesn't try any tricks, the test must be performed completely naked. Right in front of two schoolgirls who are only too eager to "assist" if it means they get to maul his firm young body.
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