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CFNM - Jock Trainer
The athletes of Fairfield College are quickly learning that stern Ms Lindstrom is not to be crossed.
All exercises are to be performed completely naked, with the giggling cheerleaders watching their every move!
Already flushed with excruciating embarrassment from standing naked before the girls, Chris' teacher now orders him to present his body for inspection and to be used as a prop for their education! He's always dreamed of having all eyes in the room on him in bodybuilding competitions but not with his wang and jewels hanging out for all to see!
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CFNM Auditions - Marcel
Marcel is an 18-year old demolition man and his dick has a mind of its own. The girls' eyes go wide in amazement with his smooth muscular body and enormous cock. This is Marcel's first time in a sexual situation with more than one woman so he is very shy and quiet. But he doesn't need to speak, his hard eager dick says it all! Hilariously he starts to cum almost as soon as the girls strip him naked! LOL
Private Eyes
Private Eyes - Private Eye Jane Frost and her assistant Danika are investigating hunky rugby player Scotty Eastwood when the man himself barges into their office demanding the return of some compromising photographs. Seeing and opportunity for blackmail the two cunning women strip him completely and cause him to get an erection. They now have his naked body to play with and they are very imaginative when it comes to their games.
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