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CFNM Training! Women Take Control Fresh, Thrilling, New CFNM
This is CFNM raised to the next level. In CFNM Training women take total control. A group of confident women confront a cocky masculine man and make him grovel at their feet, worship their shoes and expose himself totally for their perverse desires. The stricken man must receive a dildo up his arse and masturbate frantically while the excited dominant ladies tower over him laughing. These girls don’t take no for an answer!
The girls are fascinated by this gorgeous tanned man's body. Shane looks like every inch of his skin has been kissed by the sun. They excitedly examine him under Miss Twitch's guidance, pushing him to go further and further until Shane feels like he's totally lost control...
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CFNM Academy
With his bulging muscles, Enrico is used to people cowering from him when he's angry. People are intimidated by his size and raw strength. But not the women at EeeZee Dosh, oh no. They know the giant man is completely under their control and theirs to do whatever they want with. He just has to hope that they decide he is of sufficient value to save his business.
Bryan and Elaine - Train My Husband!
Bryan is handsome and fit but also a male chauvinist who expects his new wife to cook and clean for him. Elaine takes him for marriage counselling with a difference. A week later he is a new man and Elaine is now on top, making his arse and mouth available for use by her male acquaintances, keeping him as a naked cleaner at home and ever ready to be fucked with strap-ons by her and her friends!
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