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Schoolgirls rules. New CFNM!
Schoolgirls take the opportunity of an overnight stay at St Dunstans to explore the male body and test out new things they learned from their handsome biology teacher. Naked young men are brought to their knees by demanding girls in their school uniforms.
Bartholomew never thought that his sudden growth spurt would land him in such a totally humiliating and painful situation. His interfering neighbour Mrs Phelps convinced his mother to let her take him to see the doctor. What followed was the most embarrassing ordeal he's ever experienced. And unfortunately for the poor lad, it's not over yet as they manipulate his penis.
Artschool Girls Take Charge
Jock Shaun needs an extra credit in art to get his football scholarship. The girls need a model for their end of term project.
Lucas's Treatment
Lucas's Treatment - A trip to te doctor's can be a distressing time for a young lad - often it is their first time naked in the presence of fully clothed women since puberty. For poor Lucas it's a strange and frightening ordeal. Especially when he embarrasses himself by shooting his load during his treatment.
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