Adventures in CFNM - Clothed Female - Nude Male CFNM: Caught and Stripped CFNM: Breaking the Rules
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CFNM - Jock Trainer
The athletes of Fairfield College are quickly learning that stern Ms Lindstrom is not to be crossed.
All exercises are to be performed completely naked, with the giggling cheerleaders watching their every move!
It's been some time since Belinda set up her radical new photography business No Safe Word, but it's proven far more popular than she ever imagined! Demand is running so high that she can't make videos fast enough. The only trouble is finding enough men to be in the videos and the girls have to resort to tricky methods to nab new ones in...
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CFNM Auditions - Female Auditions!
In order to find confident and controlling women for our films we have to audition so invite a group of girls to play with a fine looking young male model. If you thought they'd be nervous think again. The girls quickly take control and it is our naked boy who is trembling from the relentless cock teasing they do to the poor lad.
Lucas's Treatment
Lucas's Treatment - A trip to te doctor's can be a distressing time for a young lad - often it is their first time naked in the presence of fully clothed women since puberty. For poor Lucas it's a strange and frightening ordeal. Especially when he embarrasses himself by shooting his load during his treatment.
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